Purpose-driven art and photography placement

We work with individuals, companies, designers, and institutions to curate, procure and install mission-driven art and photography. When well placed, they tell a story, influence thinking, inform an audience, stir emotions and leave the first impression about a person, space, message, product, event or venue. They brand the space they inhabit.

Fresh thinking with an individual approach

Unlike other companies and services, we do not draw from large libraries of aging, irrelevant or overused imagery to develop solutions for our clients. We meet, talk and review spaces, build a mission statement, research work from artists and photographers who meet the criteria and produce captivating work, organize commissions and/or licensing, produce museum quality prints at all installation sizes, and handle framing and mounting.

Our services include:

• Meet/interview key personnel to build mission story to guide art/photography research and procurement
• Coordinate with designers, owners, builders and/or space planners
• Evaluate lighting, traffic, space, audience(s) to ensure best placement
• Comprehensive in-house fine art print studio to produce museum-quality prints and exhibits at all sizes
• Complete framing and mounting services
• Purpose-driven art & photography research and placement
• Installation and exhibition planning and curation
• Artist-friendly business model

For inquiries and questions about placement, call or contact us