Oct. 4 - Nov. 12, 2014

Opening Reception with the artist
Saturday October 4, 7-10pm


Albert Grøndahl

Photography, as Albert Grøndahl sees it, is an act of confrontation with the alien outside world and with one’s own speechless dreams and emotions. He enters a place, meets people he doesn´t know, and as he tries to win their trust and acceptance, he also fills the space around him with his own presence and ideas. He starts out as the newcomer–the underdog–and as he approaches them and makes himself known, he gradually persuades them to open up. He does so by not holding back, investing everything he has in terms of enthusiasm and presence.

Photography’s narrative potential interests Grøndahl, not in terms of the logics of straightforward storytelling or the effort to illustrate preconceived and abstract notions, but in the sense that the images may point to a person’s inner life and to the hidden secrets of a place, its cultural meaning or private connotations.

What fascinates him in photography is that he experiences reality and expresses himself in one and the same moment. As he presses the button, he is exposed in every sense of the word. But he is also imprinting who he is, his personality, his emotional state of mind, on whatever or whoever he is in front of.

Special projects, honors & awards:

The Toetproject, in participation with Magnum Photo, Cobertura Photo, Atelier de visu, 1000 Words Magazine :: Selected for residence at Atelier de Visu, led by Antoine D´Agata , Magnum Photo 

Grants & awards:

Danish Art Council :: PML 1 Prize, Luxembourg Photomeetings :: Becket Foundation :: Israel Lion Foundation

Artist’s talk Thursday Oct.9, 7:30pm