March 8 - April 26, 2014


Holly Suzanne Rader
Suzanne Anan


Opening reception
Saturday, March 8, 7-11 pm

“Deux Femmes” is an exhibition featuring the works of two Suzannes; Holly Suzanne Rader and Suzanne Anan, and their exposé of the female persona.

Holly Susan Rader's 'pretty-gritty' mix of monarchy and street art, which she refers to as 'graffiti glam', uses imagery of 1920s Zeigfeld Follie girls and pastes them together in a disconnected, propaganda street collage fashion sugared with neon drips, splatter and spray paint. With each piece, she asks herself, "what would Snow White do if no one were looking, and she were allowed to deface a poster of one of these beauty queens with a spray can and glitter?".

Suzanne Anan creates figurative compositions with women as her primary subject. She prefers the unpredictability of painting and the humility and vulnerability required in every stroke of oil onto canvas. Her work is inspired by poetry and literature, her raw material comes from real life. Her images are evocative, working through moods and memories to reveal what it means to feel human.

Juxtaposing the different viewspoints and styles together, the works invite viewers to consider their similarities and contrasts and see a broader relationship between the two.

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