June 1 - 30, 2019


Engaging Behavior

Eric Sambol

Wildlife Photographer &
Creator of Muttbeach

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 1, 7-10pm

Artist Talk:
Thursday, June 20, 7:30pm

Up close and personal with wildlife photographer Eric Sambol and friends. An exhibition of Earth’s creatures, great and small.

Wildlife Photography On Location

“We are all connected in Nature. To the extent that I can use my camera to make this point, for others to see and feel, is my measure of success.

“I knew this from the wildlife in the woods when I was a boy. Expressing this connection visually is my challenge. For me, meeting these animals in the world we all share, showing how their world is our world, is essential for their survival, and ours.

“I’m just drawn to these creatures. It’s their beauty that so affects me. It’s in the colors, patterns and textures. I guess maybe it is kind of primal. There’s this indescribable connection that I feel. I want to express that visually with my camera.

“Later, when I pull the images up on the screen, I get to really, REALLY look at these beings. I look at the eyes...the light. There’s an added dimension to the whole “encounter experience” that brings me deeper in. I smile every time.”

– Eric

Meet Sam Sambol & Friends At Muttbeach

“It’s really become a passion for me. Out here where the sand and surf meet the sky, you really become one with nature.

“We’re not alone out here. We get up close with other creatures. Meet and play with other dogs.

“Muttbeach is so much more than a dog-friendly beach in Spring Lake, NJ. It’s a celebration of life. You can live it in the images Dad captures while we’re playing.

“Man, I can’t wait to get back out there!”

– Sam


  • Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

  • Wildlife Center Friends

  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation

  • Wild Earth Allies