Far From The Road

Kathy Buist
Linda Zacks
Luis Bivar
Melissa Bronwen Pyle
Ole Marius Jorgenson
Tom & Lois White

April 1 - May 21

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 1, 7-10pm

Closing Reception
Saturday, May 20, 7-10pm
with special musical guest
classical contemporary composer David Lawn Ross

Far From The Road is a group exhibition of contemporary, urban, abstract, post impressionistic and photographic works that are literal and metaphorical expressions of what it means to be out of town and off the grid. Literal in that much of the work is based on landscape settings. As a metaphor, it describes the mysterious place where our minds wander or desire to be out of our daily norm. 

Our minds assume countless dreams. How many times do we look at art and wonder where it would take us?  In the exhibition's various styles, it has the power to transport us from one place to another and give us a break from routine. Far From The Road invites viewers to become wanderers themselves. Through serenity, whimsy, irony and juxtaposition, the exhibition aims to explore the ambiguous zone where dreams become experiences through the hands of the artists. 

"…somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond any experience…" - ee cummings