Michal Adamovský 

The works of Michal Adamovský range from documentary series to photography installations which he creates mostly in landscape format. "If I had to put into words what influences my recent work, it would be these two things: the first is my father who is a photographer and expert witness in criminal investigations. The other is my mother, a birth assistant, who has been helping people to come into this world. From a certain point of view, these two things might seem opposites, however, they both share similar features. Perhaps it is my role to attempt to find the best and most appropriate form of expression for them in my work“.

Currently, Adamovský is in his last year of masters studies at FAMU, Prague. He has exhibited in galleries in Berlin, Luxembourg, Prague, Marseille, Beijing and Soul and has garnered much acclaim for his work, including participation in workshops under Antoine d’Agata, a member of Magnum Photos.

Previously, he graduated with his masters degree in law at University of West Bohemia. He then worked in the DILIA agency, where he represented authors like film director Miloš Forman and writer Milan Kundera. He is engaged in copyright law in photography and has lectured on the topic of "Controversy: Law and the Ethical History of Lausanne Gallery" at the Swiss Exhibition. In 2013 won a two-month scholarship for research at MOMA and ICP in New York.


Black means White, Shot

The visual connection of Adamovský's above influences culminated in his independent exhibition "Black, Which Means White" (shown above).  It also inspired a body of work called "Uterus Obscurus", which was originated in a flooded underground space below a World War II military factory in a town where he grew up. This experience was the catalyst for the large format book, "Shot" (also above), which is a tangible record of Adamovský's first and hopefully last shot from an army rifle. The book was selected in 2013 for the prestigeous art show "Author's Book Triennial" in Martin, Slovakia.




2011, With Kateřina Zahradníčková

"Exhibition" is a staged photography collection in the empty or transitional spaces of European galleries of contemporary art in Berlin (Hamburger Bahnhof), Paris (Centre Pompidou), Rome (MAXXI Museum for Art of 21st Century), Prague (DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Exhibition Hall Manes) and Bratislava (Slovak National Gallery). Both traveled together for five weeks to Europe's well known galleries and were looking for free spaces between installed works to use for their own performance and composition, which they documented. 


Short Story About an Island


One of the most recent works of Adamovský, this series was created in the landscape close to the Dead Sea. For several nights he documented a group of dried up date trees, which were conspicuously suggestive of human figures. The resulting series of photographs, together with a short story, points out  forbidden places not merely somewhere in desert, but also in most of us.

"I can’t remember where exactly in the dessert it was - but it was an unusual view. There was a group of dry date palm trees standing on flat sand with regular spacing. Their color was identical with the color of the surrounding parched landscape. According to the locals, the level of underground water had started to sink and as a result the ground started to fail. In any case, the place started to be dangerous. Roy Innu, an old wiry man from a nearby village tried to warn me several times from coming into the palm grove. He told me scary stories about people falling somewhere in the deep and shouting desperately for help from the bottom. But we both knew I would come there to have a look one day. In the end, I spent several days and nights between the sleeping trees but I didn’t find any holes or pits there. But still, I felt a slight tingle in my legs; after all, Roy could have been right. But who knows…”




Solo and group exhibitions:
2013 - Czech China Contemporary Gallery, Beijing - "Line of Force"
2013 - Turiec Gallery Martin, Author's Book Martin 2010 - "Shot"
2013 - Bibliotheque Départementale des Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille vu par 100 photographes du monde
2013 - Fotografic Gallery, Prague - "Short story about an Island"
2012 - National Technical Library, Prague - PvinNTK, Student exhibition, photography department of FAMU - "Shot" & "H.P."
2012 - OFF Photo festival, Bratislava: Beauty Bizarre, Exhibition of students FAMU - "Uterus Obscurus"
2012 - GAMU - Gallery of Academy of Performing Arts, Prague - "Line of Force"
2012 - Velryba Gallery, Prague: Black - Which Means White
2012 - Czech Culture Centre in Milano, Controluce: Works of the current students of FAMU - "Line of Force"
2011 - Chung-Ang Art Center Seoul: Young International Emerging Artist - "Exhibition"
2011 - GAMU - Gallery of Academy of Performing Arts, Prague: Famufest - Weightlessness - "Aliens and Herons"
2011 - Fotografic Gallery, Prague: Plan 9 - Festival of Experimental Films - "Journey"
2011 - Open Gallery, Bratislava: Month of Photography 2011 - "Exhibition"
2011 - The Mánes Exhibition Hall, Praguephoto / H.P.
2011 - Fotografic Gallery, Prague - "Aliens and Herons"
2011 - The National Theatre, Prague - "Opera"
2010 - The Langhans Gallery Prague: EGO portrait x photography - "H.P."
2010 - Fotograf Gallery, Prague: Workshop of Jiří Kovanda / Journey 2010 - Kunsthaus beim Angel / Luxembourg photomeetings - "Yoga People"
2010 - GAMU - Gallery of Academy of Performing Arts, Prague - "Yoga People"
2010 - Velryba Gallery, Prague - "Autoportraits"
2010 - The Mánes Exhibition Hall, Praguephoto - "Yoga People"
2010 - Little Horse Gallery, Prague - "Behind the scene"
2009 - FAMU, Prague - "Behind the scene"
2009 - White Corner Gallery, Pilsen - Reduction
2009 - Velryba Gallery, Prague - Analog spam
2009 - Archa theatre, Prague - Famufest
2008 - White Corner Gallery, Pilsen - Berlin
2008 - Gallery of J. Jeníček, Beroun - Exhibition of the FAMU students

2012 - 1st place: Two Faces of Prague for series Náměstkovi
2012 - 3rd place: Two Faces of Prague for series Kabaret
2011 - 1st place: Two Faces of Prague for series Last Residents of Venceslas Square

2011 - Komfort mag 6, On the Trail. H.P. Kosmas, Prague
2011 - Komfort mag 5, Bodyfit. Yoga people. Kosmas, Prague